What services will be connected to the villas?

Electricity, telephone, water and sewerage are all connected underground. The residents will be responsible for their own electricity and telephone charges.

Can I make alterations to our property?

Yes, if you suggest alterations before construction has commenced they can be implemented as long as management approval is granted. Once the villa has been built alterations are allowed as long as management is notified and alterations are approved.


Can I look after the gardens around my villa?

Yes, we encourage residents to take part in keeping the village looking great, however if gardening is not for you, management will take care of them for you. 

Who is responsible for the maintenance of
my villa?

It is your responsibility under Community Title to keep the exterior and interior of the villa clean and in good condition. We are able to assist with finding local tradesman for all work you may require. 

What community facilities are included at Murray Glen Village?

The Community Centre is the focus of the village,with a  lounge area, games room, library, computer room kitchen, outside terraced BBQ area and 2 rink bowling green. 

Can I go on holiday leaving the villa empty?

Yes, you can go on holidays and leave your villa for as long as you like. We do however request that you notify management so they can keep an eye on your villa and ensure that safety and security of your premises is maintained. All monthly levies will remain payable while you are away.

Can I store my own boat or caravan?

Yes. A suitable area will be available for you to store your caravan or boat.


Are pets allowed?

Yes, small house trained pets are welcomed to Murray Glen Village subject to management approval. There are a few rules that must be abided by to ensure the safety and comfort of other residents.

Can my family and guests stay in my villa?

Definitely, family and guests are welcome to stay at anytime.
A visitor parking space is provided in the driveway of each villa, we do ask you to notify us of any family or guests that wish to stay for security and emergency procedure purposes.

What safety features will be included the villas?

Your personal safety is a very important element in the design of Murray Glen Village. Each villa includes:

  • 24hr Emergency call alarms and pendants. These alarms are monitored 24hrs a day 7 days a week

  • Non-Slip floorings to bathrooms, wet areas and patio areas

  • Smoke alarms

  • Security & Fly screens

Can I receive rent assistance?

We advise that you contact Centrelink to seek this information, as rent assistance is regulated by them.

“Is stamp duty payable when I buy my villa?

Under Community Title there is stamp duty payable.


Can my family manage my medical needs?

Sure, if your family wish to assist you, we only ask that we are kept informed of any changes in your condition. This information will help us to provide assistance if an emergency arises and your family are not available.

What does the monthly levy cover?

The monthly levy is a service fee that contributes to the operational costs of the village. Village management, water, public liability, insurance of buildings and grounds maintenance are all services covered by the monthly levy.